Due to the variety of photos I take and the diverse needs of my clients, I individually price assignments.

Write to me! In your message include detailed information about the photo session you are interested in.
- specify the place of session, write if you want a session in a studio or outdoors.
- choose the type of session, write whether it is to be a wedding session, reportage, photos for the store, magazine session.... 
- specify the number of photos you are interested in (I shoot from 10+).
- if you have some inspiration and want a specific effect also you can send me.
- also write how many people will participate in the session.

Based on this information I can predict how long such an assignment will take and how much work I will have and how much it will cost me to get there or rent a studio for the session. We can arrange everything together!

Thank you! Your message has been sent! I will reply as soon as I can!
If you want me to contact you by phone also let me know! I will call you as soon as possible!
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